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About Nord Interactives

We offer customized interior solutions for residential developers,

hospitality business and offices.

We are value-driven company that innovates, wants more, and contributes to a better tomorrow!

Nord is Estonian company, with focus on product development and fabrication of bespoke furniture. Our office and showroom is located at old industrial area in Tallinn, Estonia. Main business market is EU with the focus on Scandinavia.

Whether you’re interior design studio or turn-key interior supplier we’ve got something for you.

Our team has experience in more than 150 fit-out interior projects worldwide.

  • Our tailor made approach help you to focus on design idea and leave engineering part for us to solve.

  • Expertise in product development enables us to find products that meet your design, quality and budget expectations right from the start of the project.

  • Complex interior projects require wide range of tailor made furniture solutions. Glass, steel, upholstered furniture, stone, wood and other materials are used in combination to create fascinating interiors. We are one supplier for all in your unique range of furniture.


Nord – refers to our mindset, Scandinavian quality ambition and market.

Interactives – involving communication between people. We feel that communication is the key in partnership process and way to succeed in projects.

Manufacturing capability

  • High quality furniture from our factory

  • Metal solutions (steel, brass, copper etc)

  • Customized glass solutions

  • Assembly of products made of different materials and applications

  • Upholstered furniture

Project management

  • Budget planning, estimations, cost optimization

  • Production control

  • Installation and logistics service

Engineering services

  • Design development - technical solutions that meet your design

  • Technical drawings for your project

  • Improvement suggestions in terms of durability, functionality and cost


Loose furniture

  • Loose furniture from different brands. See more on out www tab "loose furniture" or click the link here

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