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ESG and sustainability

Bespoke furniture for a sustainable future

Nord Interactives OÜ recognizes the importance of ESG principles, guiding our company's behavior towards sustainable and responsible practices. We are aware that integrating ESG considerations into our operations is important for long-term value creation, risk management and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Our Journey

At Nord Interactives OÜ, we are committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. We recognized years ago that our clients were asking for our approach to environmental topics and sustainability, and since then, we have embarked on a journey to gain certification and knowledge in this area.

In 2023 our production unit, Mellon Interior, completed the Circular Design Masterclass and in 2023-2024 Nord Interactives has successfully graduated ESG and Sustainability masterclass. Our roadmap is in place and our ESG and Sustainability Strategy document can be found below.

Innovation, responsible consumption, and climate action define our approach to interior design projects. We prefer environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and circular design principles with the aim of reducing waste, environmental impact, and carbon footprint. We operate transparently and want to create a positive impact on the environment and society and stakeholders, from suppliers to the end user.

Our certificates and ESG Strategy

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